How to Download Backup in Blogger ? (Posts, Comments & theme) and Restore

Hey! everyone. Today, in this article, I will show you how to take a full backup of your Blogger website and then transfer or restore it to another Blogger website. It is very important to download a website backup  before any new technology upgrade or  website migration. If you are using C-Panel hosting, you can download a full backup. Surprisingly, you can also  download site backups from Blogger. You can download a full backup including pages, comments and posts. You must download the theme backup separately. 

But before we download the backup, let's see why you need to download a backup of your site. 

You can correct any mistakes you have made by uploading backups. We upload a backup every time we make a change to our website, because in case of an error with a new update, we can easily go back to the previous step by uploading a backup. You can also restore  deleted posts and images to hours by uploading a backup. You can also use your website's backup file to transfer your blog to another website. This way you can create a new website with your old posts. And we will also have data such as comments from previous sites. This is very useful for new websites. I hope you can understand the importance of downloading backup.

How to Download Blogger website theme Backup?

Now, I will show you how to download backup of Blogger theme. You have to follow the steps below. But, Remember Downloading theme backup doesn't include Posts, Pages and comments You have to download separately.

Steps 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Theme section from menu.

Step 2: Now click on the 'Arrow' icon below customization button.

Step 3: Now click on Backup. Theme backup file will be downloaded automatically in XML format.  

Blogger Website backup Download

Now you can use this Backup file whenever you want. You can also create a backup by clicking on Edit a HTML option. Than you have to select full code by clicking "CTRL+A" than copy it and paste on on Notepad. When uploading backup theme you can use restore. However sometimes it doesn't work so use Edit as HTML and paste the code directly. I am saying this again this backup doesn't include posts and pages. Next I will show you how to download post Backup.

How to Download Blogger Posts, Page and comments Backup

Follow the steps below to  Download Blogger website Posts, comments and pages Backup file.

Step 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Setting From menu.

Step 2: Now scroll down and you will see a section called Manage Blog from there click on Back up  Content.

Blogger post pages and comment backup download

Back up file will be downloaded as XML file. You can import the file by clicking on import content right above from where you downloaded back up. This way you can restore your blogger content you have deleted. You can also migrate your website and post to another website by this backup file. You can also use Blogger Back up file by using Blogger content importer WordPress plugin. 

By taking regular backup your website  and content you can restore website when error occurred during updating or making change. And you can also restore accidently deleted posts. I hope this article helped you to take back up of you Blogger website. If still you have any doubts than ask in comment section. I will be glad to answer your question. And subscribe our newslater for regular update.

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