Get 100k Instagram follower for free

How to get 100k Instagram follower for free. Get free Instagram followers. Follow the easy steps to get Instagram follower.

Hello, How are you guys? Today's article is going to be super exciting. If you want to be an Instagram influencer or to show your friends that you have millions of followers on your Instagram account then this article will be very helpful. 

Today in this article I will show you How you can get 100k real followers on your Instagram account for free.

First of all, let's see why we need followers?

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. Millions of people use Instagram daily. When someone asks us for an Instagram account some of you may hesitate because of the follower count. That's why we need Instagram followers on our account. 

But it's not easy to geta  follower on Instagram. But we can use some methods to get Instagramfollowersrs. To get followers for free Read the full article. And on the end of this articl I will share a magic method for Instagram. Which will help you to get free millions of followers easily. 

Using Hashtags 

Using Hashtags on posts is the fastest way to grow account engagement. This way your post will be visible to the people interested in your topic. And if they like your post they will follow your account. This is the best way to get active Instagram follower.

This way you will get your topic related active Instagram followers. You can use Hastag generator tools for Instagram to generate Hashtags on your related topic. Just search for Instagram hashtag generator on google and you will get lots tool use one of them. Some of them are so advanced that you can get a full list of hashtag just by uploading your photo. They will detect topic automatically. 

Instagram Ads

You can use Instagram advertising feature to increase your account engagement. To do that you have to convert your account into creator account. You can do that for free from Instagram profile. 

However, Advertising on Instagram is not that cheap. And there's no garuntee that you will get followers. People may not like your profile. Or they will just ignore your ad.  Because Nowadays their are lots of ads on Instagram. But, you can try it out. 

Magic Trick

So Now it's time we see the magic trick. To do that we have to download an app. Follow every steps as I say.

First of all create a secondary Instagram account. Complete all the steps as Instagram show. Try upload some posts. Add bio and confirm your account with number to make sure that your account will be secure. 

Now Go to Google and Search "Instaup" choose the first website ( Download the latest apk from that website and install it. After installing open the app and click on login with Instagram. 

You will see two option choose one of them for now click on new method. And login with your new Instagram account. I suggest to wait 2 or 3 days after creating the account. Now you will see to like and follow others in exchange you will get coins. You can use this coin to buy followers. 

But it's make the work easy by auto follow feature. You can start auto follow option and the app will earn coins automatically for you. After earning coin from menu click buy follower and choose your package. The minimum offer is 100 follower for only 400 coin. You can easily get 10k follower per day with Instaup.

Follow the steps below to avoid ban

To avoid ban on your second account follow the steps below. They are not necessary but try to follow them for safety. 

  • Try to buy 200-400 follower for your secondary account. 
  • Use multiple accounts for more result. 
  • Run the auto follow feature for maximum 5 minitues. And take a break for 15 to 30 minutes. 
  • Make sure to use atleast 5 days old account. 
  • Upload atleast 4 posts and use hashtags.
  • Verify account with a mobile number to avoid restrictions. 


I hope you liked the article. And it helped you to gain more followers. If you did than share this article with your friends and family. And if you face any problem ask me in the comment section. I will try to answer them.

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