5 Quick Tips Regarding Blogger.

Hello, Bloggers. How are you all? Today I am going to tell 5 Quick Tips Regarding Blogger platform. I will show you 5 quick way to grow your Blog and become a successful Blogger. But Before that let's get an introduction of Blogger.


Blogger.com is one of the top platforms to share the knowledge and publish your blog. Blogger is the best free platform to publish blog. It was developed and launched 1999 by Pyra Labs.

Blogger.com is a free platform offered by Google. Where anyone can create blogs and share whatever they want to. Blogger is one of Google's free facility for creating blogs and promoting blogs without any fees. It may be a personal or a professional blog on a particular topic or on several topic. You can also earn money by monetizing your blog with advertising with Google AdSense or other ad networks.

Now, we know about the history and main theme of Blogger. Let's start our 5 quick tricks to grow your Blog.

1. Choosing Niche

Choosing a perfect niche you are good with is very important. On Blog we share our knowledge or Information with the people. So, it's important for us to be expert or informative on a niche or a topic to start a Blog. Like, I am running a this Blog related to SEO and Blogging. I have some idea and I am good with it so I am using this topic as my Blog topic. 

But, if I start a Blog about Cooking I may not be able to write a single article. Because, I have no idea about Cooking. So, first find out what you are good with and than start your blog on that topic.

2. Blog Title & Domain 

Choosing a perfect title for your Blog is very important. It will help you to get users interest. Try to make a unique name for your Blog. But, make sure to choose the name related to your niche. This will help you with your website SEO too. Suppose you want to start a Blog related to health. Now, You can do some keyword research to choose the perfect name.

For now let's just pick "Healthy Life". I am not good at Choosing name however that's pretty nice. And contain the main keyword of our Blog. And keep in mind that you can't choose a long name, a short name either. You have to choose a name which is easy to read and eye-catching. Normally It's good to use one phrase on the title. But, you can use two phrases for better result.

Make a list of name you have choosed for your Blog. Now, search if the domain available for those name. If the Blog name already exists than don't use these name. Your Blog title has to be unique. And your domain name as well. Because that's what will represent your Blog to the world. 

3. Meta Description & Description 

Meta description is very important for every Blog. It will help you with SEO. Now, what is Meta Description? Meta Description is a short description of your blog For Blogger in 150 words you have to describe your blog and also use keywords on your Meta description. Here the meta description of my Blog-

Welcome to the ZHSThemE blog where I post stories and tips on the topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, social media and technology.

Try to find out some good keywords for your Blog and use them on your Meta Description. This way whenever someone search related to the keyword you choose you may have the chance to rank on search queries. 

On Blogger you will see another option call Blog description. You have to write an description about your Blog. This will help you to categorise your Blog on Google. This is just simply the description for your Blog or the summary for your whole Blog in short paragraph. 

I suggest to write 15 to 20 articles before you write description for your Blog. This way you will also have some idea about the description you have to write. 

4. Writing Some articles 

After choosing an niche you have to write minimum 10 articles to publish with the start of your Blog. The more articles you have the more better. Because, you may not be able to publish an article daily after creating the Blog. That's start your Blog after you have some articles ready to publish. Try to prepare atleast 20 article to publish. First publish 10 article with the starting and publishing other 10 post daily. At the mean time write articles whenever you have times.

This way your Blog will be regularly updated. And also do SEO for your articles. Make some Backlinks share it with friends and family you will start getting traffic. Once you attract some readers your blog will grow eventually. 

5. Choosing a Nice Template 

After choosing niche, title, Domain and writing some articles now you need perfect Template or a web design for your website. As you can see by using attractive font and design of my website I am trying to attract more visitors. The more easy and nice website design you have more user friendly your website becomes. 

There are so many beautiful Blogger Template available on market. You can buy one of them and Start your Blog. To find a perfect Template you don't have to go through thousands of templates and wreck your head. To make your work easy I published an article about top  5 Blogger Template based on my own experience. 


I hope you liked the article. And it will help you little on your road of Blogging. This is a ever changing field. So you have to be updated daily. Bookmark this website to get daily updates. Be with us on your way of Blogging. 

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