5 Secrets About Blogger That Nobody Will Tell You.

Hello, Everyone. Today I am gonna share 5 Secrets About Blogger That Nobody Will Tell You. Yes this will include SEO part as well. You can create a full professional like Blog website in Blogger. So read the full article to know about 5 secrets. 

We all know that Blogger is a blog publishing service provided Google for free. You can create Blogs in this platform and share your knowledge, information or your videos in it. Normally we need to build a website with hosting to do all this. 

But with Blogger we can do it for free. It's easy to use and very simple settings make it much more popular among the Blogger. But, still there are some secrets in this platform that only pros know about and Nobody will tell you. Than why am I telling? Because I want to teach you all about Blogger, About Blogging. Now let's see the 5 secrets of Blogger.

Post Meta Description 

Meta Description is very important for SEO. It helps us to use keywords and summarise the article in short which allow search engines to find our website effortlessly. Blogger comes with a inbuilt Meta description option. You can add different meta description on every posts. Go to menu in post editor (where apply label). Scroll down and you will see description box add your meta description there.

Custom Ads.txt

Blogger is a Google service. So some of may thinks that we can use only Adsense to monetize our Blog. But what if we get rejected from Adsense. Don't worry you can use other ad networks as well. For some ad networks you may need to add ads.txt file. Go to settings from Blogger Dashboard. Scroll down and find ads.txt option enable it if disabled now paste your ads.txt there.


Just like ads.txt we need to upload robot.txt file into our root directory. But in Blogger we don't have directory to upload files. Is that mean we can't use robot.txt file in our website? We can. Blogger gives us this opportunity. From Dashboard go to Settings scroll down and find robot.txt Enable it if disabled. And now add your robot.txt file.

Contact Us page

Some of you may think in blogger we cannot create a custom contact us page. But what if we can? You can visit my contact page as well. You can use custom contact us page if you want. For this you have to create the design and than apply javascript. If you don't know how than you can Read the article below.

Keywords in Satistics

It's very important for us to know in which keywords we are getting traffic. So that we can work more on those keywords. Blogger makes our Job easy. You can easily see all keywords that your Blog stands for on google. Go to stats and click on more about this Blog. Scroll down and you will see keywords if you have any.

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