Best Music player apk for Android.

Hello, How are you? If you have a bad mood then try listening to some music. But to play the music you need a good app and also a modern style. In this article, I am going to share the best music player for Android.

I am also using the music player that I am going to share. Let's see why I am saying this is the best. I choose this Music player because of its unique, simple, and modern design. It has very simple yet modern and has lots of features in it.

Retro Player

Retro Player you probably may not have heard the name. However, It has a 4.4 rating on Playstore and 1 million+ download. This app is designed and published by Hemanth Savarala an Indian developer.

You can easily install this application from Playstore by searching Retro Player. Install it from there. 

Now, After installing when you open the music player you will see a very simple and modern UI like the below. 

This Music player is well-functioned. You can set artists and categories for your songs and play them as Category wise or Artist wise.

When you went to sleep you can set  timer which will automatically turn off musica player for you. I really love this feature and very helpful while sleeping. 

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