Plus UI v2.6 premium Blogger Template Free download | Plus UI v2.6 Blogger Template

Plus ui blogger theme. Plus ui blogger template. Plus ui blogger theme free download. Download The latest version of Plus UI Blogger theme for free.
Plus UI Blogger Template Free download | Plus UI v2.6 Blogger Template

Nowdays, almost every Blogger Knows about Jagodesain. They provide the best quality with premium-looking blogger templates with the fresh UI concept. But, no matter how premium they are People always want more features in those templates and much more features. 

If you are also one of those than the Simple Solution is Plus UI Blogger theme, Which is a modified version of all jagodesain templates with a better look and functioning. The developer of Plus UI theme combined all Jagodesain templates and created this advance template. Plus UI Developer DeoKumar also includes some advanced features and customizations for the modified template.

So let's Know About it in detail-

Plus UI Blogger Template

Plus UI is a full New Blogger Template and created by an individual Named DeoKumar with the help of Imagz and Median UI Blogger Template. Plus UI Comes with IMagz Landing Page or Median UI Dashboard UI concept also includes fletro pro template's footer.

In Short, we can say that Plus UI is a Combined version of Jagodesain's IMagz, Median UI, and Fletro Pro Blogger theme. However, It just not only a combined version of those templates, it also has some unique advanced features that you will not find in other Blogger templates by default. Read the full article to know them all.

Features of Plus UI

As We know Plus UI is created with the help of Median Ui and Imagz Mostly, so the Main Features are Plus UI are Likely Similar, but we have mentioned all the major features below.

Plus UI Template Main Feature Availability Check

Features  Availability 
Mobile Responsive Yes
Social Follow Button Yes
Multi Drop Down Yes
Search Widget Yes
Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Email News Letter Widget Yes
Schema Markup Yes
SEO Friendly Yes
Ads Ready Yes
Fast Loading Yes
New Featured Post Yes
Shortcode Support Yes
Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
Error 404 Yes
Responsive Footer Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Best Responsive Menu And Layout Yes

Before writing this blog we Checked All Important Major Features for Plus UI blogger theme. Now we will Discuss some more advanced features that make the plus UI blogger theme different from others.

Why Plus UI is Different From Others?

There are a lot of features that make this theme a big shot and gives reason to use this template over others. So let's discuss about those advanced features in short.

1. Design

We Tried Many Templates for blogger, but always we found that some templates are available with dashboard Ui like median UI, MSd, etc. And on the other hand some templates are available with landing page features like IMagz and Blanter.

But, Plus UI comes with Dashboard UI + Landing Page Feature at the same time and it has a good footer design like Fletro which makes this template unique from others. It has an Awesome Home Page and Blog design, and my team is very impressed with its responsiveness.

2. Pages:

Plus UI comes with its own CSS Used Pages Design like About Page, Contact Page, and Sitemap Page. These Pages Design and interface is Really Amazing no other template provides these types of pages with their template. You Can Check the Demo of these 3 Pages at the below link:

3. Different Post Template

Plus UI also comes with different types of post templates which can be used for different purposes in a single website. All in one theme.

  • Product Post 
  • Landing Page Post
  • Sponsored Post
  • FullPage Mode Post

4. Add-ons:

Plus Ui comes with many add-ons features that make this template unique and you won't find these types of features in any template even on the Envato like platform. Here are some of the addons that are available in Plus UI

  1. Realtime Views: Some of people want Realtime Views Counter on their posts, so we have added Views Counter in Plus UI v2.6 that uses Firebase Database to store views count.
  2. Maintenance Mode: Small Add-on but we hope it will be helpful for you. If Maintenance Mode is Turned On, the viewers will not be able to access your site until the time you set so you can make changes on your Blog.It will not appear whenever an admin of your Blog visits.
  3. Quick Edit: It might be one of the best Add-on for them who have a number of posts published on their blog. Whenever an admin visits the Blog, an Edit button will appear, through which they can be redirected to Blogger Page / Post Edit. They can also backup the Blog Contents and many more.Buttons will appear desides the comments so admins can click on them to delete any unwanted comment.
  4. Bookmark Posts: This Add-on will allow visitors to save / bookmark posts so they can read it later. Bookmark Posts are stored in Local Storage, so whenever visitors clear the site data or cookies, all the bookmarked posts will also be cleared.
  5. System Default Mode: If System Default is selected by users, the mode i.e. Light / Dark, will automatically switch as per the Device Color Scheme.
  6. Theme Color: Let your visitors choose their favourite Theme Color for your Blog. You can set 10 Theme Colors of your desired colors.
  7. Music Player: Looking for Music Player for your Blogger blog? Plus UI v2.6 comes with Music Player, with this you can play your audio files, i.e. MP3.
  8. Countdown Download Box: If you are providing any file on your Website to download, this Download Box will be helpful for you. Some websites shows a countdown before the download begins or redirected to final destination.
  9. Anti Ad-Blocker: Helps you to increase your ad revenue.
  10. Cookie Consent: To get consent from users about cookies.
  11. Country Block: Block specific country users from accessing your site.
  12. No Internet Connection: Notify users when their internet connection lost.
  13. Force Javascript: Helps you to serve ads and content seamlessly.
  14. Google Translate: To Make your blog multilingual support.
  15. Safelink: Increase your page views and earn more revenue.
  16. Article Rating: to know about your content.

And that is not enough much more has to come with upcoming updates. The update is ongoing and new features coming out daily. 

5. Proper Documentation and Guides

You can find proper documentation in detail with examples of each feature of plus UI on their official website. 

6. Price:

The price of Plus UI is Very Low in comparison to other templates that come with these types of features. You can buy this template's standard version for just 399 Rupees, and the premium version for 599 rs.

The standard version has fewer add-ons in comparison to the premium version, and both versions come with post templates.

you can buy this template with UPI, Wallet, Credit, and Debit Card and the payment will be done via Razorpay's secure payment platform. 

Buy now!

Support, Service, and Copyrights:

Plus UI Template is created by Deo and managed and sold by Fineshop, with the authorization of jagodesain so you no need to worry about any copyright strike on your website in the future from jagodesain if you legally purchase plus Ui from fineshop.

They Provide Full support for 7 days and 30 days according to your purchase plan, and help you in installation and solving any error if occurred. Even, you can ask for any help in the fineshop group and they will respond in minimal time.

They Don't Provide any Refund over the template purchase under any circumstances.

Download and Demo

Here the download link for Plus UI Blogger theme. Use this theme at your own risk. We are not responsible for any data lose. And Download a backup of your theme before using this theme.

How to apply this Template on your Site

  • First of all Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  • On Blogger Dashboard, Click on Themes.
  • Click the arrow down icon just next to 'Customize' button.
  • Now Click on Restore and upload the Template file which you have Downloaded.
  • If you got any Errors while Restoring theme, Go to 'Edit HTML'
  • Select all the Pre-existing codes and remove them.
  • Now open the Template file which you have Downloaded.
  • Select all codes and copy them to Clipboard.
  • Now paste the codes in 'Edit HTML' page.
  • Now click on Save by clicking this icon.


The Templates and files we are sharing are already available on the Internet, We do not Modify or Clone any Templates. Please Purchase the Template Legally, if you can you have money and can afford it in order to get the latest updates and customization guide, so please purchase this template by the link given above.

*We are sharing these Templates only for educational purpose and non profit Basis, We don't hold any Rights for the shared templates, files and its images available on this blog. In case you're the owner of any Template and want to remove the file from our site, Please Contact us we'll remove your belonging files within 2-3 business days..

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