Top 2 video Editor app for android in 2022

Hello, Today's article is for those who like to create and edit videos. If you are a video content creator then this article will be super helpful for you. Today I am going to share the Top 2 video editor apps for Android.

A lot of you may want to edit like professionals on your android device. However, finding a good video editor app is not that easy. Because there are more than thousands of video editors available on Playstore. I also create some short videos in my daily life. I have faced the same problem as well. That's why I created this article. 

Today I am going to tell about two Video Editor apps from my experience. I am currently using them and the features they offer for free are professional level. I always give priority to the free apps on my list.

2. VN Editor 

VN Editor is a free video editor tool available on Playstore for Android devices.  It has a 4.4 rating out of 5 and more than 50 million downloads. I guess you can imagine the app performance by its ratings. You can use this Editor for free. However, for an ad-free experience, you have to buy the premium app. But still, you can fully enjoy its features without paying. Also, it has no watermark on video.

This Editor comes with strong inbuilt video editing tools. You can do colour corrections, use a green screen, add effects, change video speed, add images, create video from the image, add transformation effects and so more I can't even cover them all in a single article. This app also has a very simple user interface. 

You can easily get familiar with the application and tools to Edit your video. You can export your video in up to 8k resolution. I like this app more because the video got saved very fast. On so many Editors you may have seen it takes a lot of time to save the video after editing. But you will not face this problem with this Editor. Your video will be saved very fast.

1. KineMaster

You may have already heard of this Editor. Because it's the most used video editor app for Android. You can do professional-level video editing on it. It has a 4.4 rating out of 5 and more than  100 million downloads from Playstore. 

This is a professional video editing application. Nowadays most YouTubers use this application to create their video. And this is the starting application for all editors. It has a device compatibility feature. Which will automatically adjust with your device configuration. 

Its video editing tools are widely used. However, for some features, you have to pay for a premium. But as a starter this app is great. After exporting the video there will be a watermark of KineMaster. You can export videos in 4k quality. But the video saving speed is pretty slow. 

It has a easy and friendly interface. Any beginners can easily start editing by this app. But after some experience you can edit videos like professionals. After all video editing not only depends on Editor But, also on the person editing the video.


I hope today's article was helpful. I tried to recommend the best Video Editor. However, if you have any other Editor name in your mind you can let me know in the comment section. On the above list, both applications have a free version you can try the free version and if you like it and want to use this for professional editing you can choose those two apps. I highly recommend them.

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