Top 3 Free shooting game for android in 2022!

Hello, Gamers! How is your Gaming going. Today's article is going to be super exciting. If you're a shooting game freak then you will love this Article. Today's topic is Top 3 Shooting Game.

But before starting the list one thing I must tell this article is non sponsored and I made this article based on my own Gaming experience. On the list, I put the number based on my own experience and Gameplay. 

3. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is also known as Free Fire is a mobile multilayer shooting game published by Garena. This game is now taking over the world of games. This game is #1 on Action game in Playstore with more than 1 billion downloads and #17 on Appstore with near 2 million downloads. 


The graphics and gameplay are pretty good. You can customize your controls and graphics quality. The Gameplay Is also smooth. However, I think they should make the graphics more realistic and colourful. The elements on the map lack details. They should add more colour shadows and details to it. The graphics are good but not good as compared to others on the list. 

Device compatibility 

I like this game most because unlike other action shooting games it can be run on older devices. You don’t need a high configuration device to play it. However, with the high configuration, you can play with more comfort and graphics.

You can play this game on 1 GB Ram Android devices as well. However, use at least 2 GB Ram devices for a good experience. If you download it from Playstore then it will take only 351 megabytes. Which is very low compared to other games. And can be run on android 5.0+ devices. 

As for apple devices, you need iPhone iOS 9.0 or later, iPad OS 9.0 or later, iPod touch iOS 9.0 or later. 


This game is free to play. However to buy legends and mythical items you need to top up Diamonds. The rate of Diamonds changes sometimes. The price is also reasonable. But still, developers should add a feature so that users can earn some Diamonds. But if you want to play without paying you can play with no problems.

2. Apex legends 

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooter game. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Previously It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019. After that for Nintendo Switch in March 2021. Next for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March 2022. And finally, it released its Android version on May 17th 2022. Despite being released recently it has been taking over the Gaming industry with its better Gameplay. 


The game rules are almost the same as free fire. You will land on a map full of nemies with your team. And you have to eliminate them all and stand to the end to win. You can find etypes of equipment guns, Ammos on the buildings.

The Gameplay is also very smooth You can customize the controls as you require. The elements like hthe house guns, cand costumes are also modern with good details. You will get a different feel while playing it. I highly recommend to play this.


This Game is free to play. But to buy legendary items you need to top up. But there's something new and existing. You can achieve purchasable items for free via missions. This game is newly released so the developers also giving items for free as well. So hurry and claim your gifts.

1. PUBG mobile

PUBG also known as Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is the best shooting action game I have ever seen. There are so many versions available for PUBG. PUBG NEWSTATE was also released in 2022. According to PUBG they have 1 billion players worldwide. It has been downloaded from Playstore for more than 500 million time.


PUBG mobile has the best graphics as  action and shooting game available for android. The characters, elements are more natural and realistic than other games. Developers should be praised for their good work on graphics. 

And with good graphics sound quality is also mind blowing. It will give you a feel like your are on the battlefield by your self. Truly there's nothing to say about graphics. However the graphics is also a problem to low configuration mobile users. Some mobile gets heat issue because of PUBG mobile. I suggest if you have a good configuration device tham play PUBG mobile it will give you the real feel of game.


To buy legendary and mythical items you have to top up UC. But the price is little much. In my opinion they should lower the price. And add feature which will allow users to earn UC. This game is free to play and you can enjoy the full game for free. But this game is expensive compared to others on the list.


I hope you all liked my list. As I said before this list is based on my own experience. I am not related to any of those Game. For more articles like this subscribe our newsletter and bookmark our website. 

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