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Hello! My name is ZHS. Thank you for visiting our About Us page. We wish you a great day!

ZHS is a Blog where we regularly update new tutorials, tips and tricks about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, YouTube and so more. This is also the house of new tech news. We have some of our own products we sale on our website. This is our only official website we don't sale our products anywhere else. So before buying verify the main Author.

All the HTML, CSS and JS we share on our website are free to use. You can use them on your website. However don't remove main Author credits. Give the credit to us or the author we mention on posts. All our code are for personal use not to publish anywhere else. Please respect our hard work and don't publish our scripts or codes without permission or credit. If you want to use them than ask for permission or give a link to our article.

We have some digital products on our website. We sale them on minimum price. Visit product related information and policy page before you buy one. And we don't give money back. But we grantee your satisfaction. However based on situation and product we give maximum 90% money back. Because what we sale is Digital product. So it can be copied easily. I hope you can understand us.

We sometimes share some premium contents with our users for free. However, we share them under copyright. We gives the credi to the main Author. And they are used only for fair and educational purposes.

We always scan our files and codes for virus and than upload them on our website. However we can't grantee anything. So, please scan them via virus scanner before you use them.

We always work to make a better community. We help people to increase their personal skill and earn money online. We value our users trust. And protecting their Data is our commitment. We have a motto,

Low Price High Quality service.

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