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Create whatsapp links to place on your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail profiles.

What is WhatsApp link Generator?

To open a WhatsApp chat, you usually need to know the user’s phone number, save it on your device and search for it to start the conversation. A WhatsApp link simplifies those steps in 1 single click that opens the chat without saving phone numbers, this is what it’s called "click to chat”.

Our Free tool Let you generate your profile link with custom message for free.

Why create WhatsApp links with ZHSTHEME?

If you would like to create WhatsApp links for people to contact you instantly, you are in the right place. ZHSThemE lets you generate WhatsApp links for free. And you can also generate a free QR code in less than 1 minute with our Free QR code generator, no registration required.

Now days There are alot of WhatsApp link providers charge money to generate a profile link. And they also offer QR code with your generated link. But we offer it for free. You can use our Free Tool to Generate your WhatsApp profile link with your custom message. And after generating you can use our free QR code generator to get a QR code for your generated link. 

By using our free service you can save your money. At the meantime you can reach your destined clients. Also add one click WhatsApp chat widget on your website. And most importantly all of them are free.

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